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Q-How do I motivate my spouse to do more for himself or herself? 

A -  Before someone will get motivated to do something, they have to feel that whatever the task is; it is do-able.  Caregivers often play a big role in motivating their loved one, or creating an environment that is not very motivating.  Make sure you know what is wrong with the patient.  Make sure the medications are being taken as directed and if the medications are not working, the doctor is contacted.  


Q – What kinds of patients do you work with now:

A -  I usually work with people who have neurological problems; specializing in helping develop ways to function most effectively in the home.


Q-  How far do you travel to see patients?

A -  I usually travel in a fifty mile radius of the Gulf Coast of Florida;  from Sarasota to Fort Myers.  I also provide telephone consultations and review cases via skype, by appointment.
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